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Thank you for visiting the former Meadow Brook Water Service Website.

Meadow Brook Water Service is now…

Carroll Water

Meadow Brook Water Service is now part of a trusted and established, family-owned and operated water treatment and well drilling company, Carroll Water.

With Carroll Water, you will now have access to a company that provides services well beyond the replacement and servicing of your water treatment systems. Carroll Water’s services include:

  • Well pump and tank replacements
  • Upgrades to high flow/constant pressure systems
  • Installation and maintenance of all water treatment products (Softeners and Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis, Acid Neutralizers, Whole House Filter Systems, Water Heaters and UV Lights)
  • Water Testing (Lead, Bacteria, Nitrates, Iron, Turbidity, PH-Acidic Water and Radon)
  • Well drilling and well yield testing
  • Geothermal well installation

Carroll Water is the only authorized dealer for EcoWater Systems® in the region, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial water treatment systems and products.

(410) 252-4588

Call or visit today to find out how we can best serve your well drilling and water treatment and delivery needs.